Friday, March 12, 2010


The Arnold Classic was a blast. It was like Halloween for Fitness Freaks like myself. I had no idea how big it was. Every year they keep adding to it so not only was it Figure/Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competitions going on there was a ton more! Fencing,gymnastics,a race, arm wrestling, UFC fighting [you name it they had it] Each morning they made the announcement to open the doors and a sea of Affliction and Lucky brand jean wearing fitness enthusiasts spilled forth! hehe It stayed busy all day long. Every Supplement company,magazine,Fitness clothing line, Nutrition books where present to Pimp,sample and push their product. Celebrities present were of course Arnold [My roomate Wendy shook his hand as he walked by] Sylvestor Stallone (aviator shades and all). Jamie Eason and lots of the alike. As long as you wanted to wait in line you could get your autograph and chat with your favorite fitness idol! On returning home my layover was in Chicago and in the bathroom I ran into Michelle Levesque (she's on the cover of this month's Oxygen mag)So you were bumping into your favs everywhere! I loved the girls I worked with. Wendy, my roomate was so driven and focused. It was inspiring! I can't wait to see all of them again and looks like I will soon! I will be traveling with Premier Nutrition this summer! yay! Orlando,Dallas,LA, Vegas baby! It will be one fun summer!

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