IF You Want My Body and You Think I'm Sexy?!

Sing it if you know it! Come on suga - let me know! Oh Rod Stewart, you delightful little man. He knows what we want/need! Right? No, not tight leather pants - COMPLIMENTS!! And I'm gonna take it one dance step further [stay with me] compliments AND encouragement. It’s a totally rad support system.Ü You need to let that special someone in your life know how totally deluxe they look. No special someone? BOO! Ok, no problem. Lend your neighbor some suga too!Ü Compliment your mom, sister, friend, or co-worker.

Been a while since you’ve been in the compliment zone? Well it doesn’t have to be out of your comfort zone. It’s as easy as [yum] pie! If a friend just started weight watchers, your mom is taking a zumba class [behave!] or your hubby is making an honest effort to eat healthier, applaud them – it’s that simple!! Take notice and tell them so with a compliment, “Your arms look amazing! What are you doing?" or "Are you losing weight? You look fabulous!” are a couple of sweet ways to give suga to people you care about.

You know how good it feels when someone else takes notice of how hard you've been working, right? You never know how much of a positive impact that one mention might make in their life. Don’t underestimate the power of a compliment - it could change their whole day/week/month/life. Who knows? Your compliment could get them through burnout – and over a hump – without feeling the burn. Nice.

Okay, so you’re confident about complimenting [and being complimented] and maybe you’re even ready to team up with a workout buddy and be a good support system. Smart Decision! In my profession as a fitness trainer I can't compliment/support enough! I see my clients working so hard and transforming their bodies (talk about an emotional high – wow!) that I refuse to let them go it alone! They need all the support they can get – and I’m happy to give it to them in big doses.

Ever wonder why more than half of the adults in the United States are overweight even though there are so many diet plans (and scams – don’t go there) and tens of thousands of fitness facilities? Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor, authors of You Can’t Lose Weight Alone, believe it is because too few people understand the value of having a support system or workout buddy in the health and fitness aspect of their lives. In addition to eating right and exercising (just do it), a support system can help ensure your weight loss efforts stay strong, sensible and successful. You and your partner may individually break promises to eat better and exercise regularly, but together you will be more likely to stick to your weight loss routine. Like peanut butter and jelly. You don’t want to let your workout partner down, do you?

Why does having a fitness support system work? A support system can help you get through those rough days. Sometimes you need a little push because your energy or motivation is lagging. (Thank goodness, or I would be out of work!) Seriously though, that is normal – plan for setbacks – but your partner can keep you from abandoning ship. “Your partner is your insurance policy,” say Drs Shafran and Kantor. “She will catch you when you fall. She will forgive you and get you back on the program…quickly.” And you will do the same for them.

Tell your support system your goals! By telling someone your goals, you’ll more likely reach them because you don’t want to look silly when you slouch on the system, say Drs Shafran and Kantor. Dr Shafran and Kantor point out, “Look at celebrities. They have a team to help them look good. They have personal trainers, a chef, a makeup artist, a hairstylist and a personal assistant.” By partnering with someone, you won’t be alone. Your partner is your teammate, someone who is cheering you on, picking you up when you fall, and helping you get going (when the going get's tough).

Recently, my hubby came down for a weekly jog outside and was wearing his day-glo green nikes, basketball shorts, metallica t-shirt and bud light baseball cap. He stopped dead in front of me with a look of excitement [bordering on genuine glee] in his eyes. I quickly assessed him and with a big grin said (ok big mistake coming in 3....2.....1), "You look interesting, nice clothing combo babe!" His response? "Hell yeah, I make this look good!" Laughter ensued. He was pumped for his run and he was killin’ it with that outfit [ha] SO, if you don't get the compliments/support you seek (and deserve). Give them to yourself!!