I'm Dating Myself......

"I'm dating myself........and so you should you!"

Hubba hubba, hot dish! You seein' anybody? I am - me! And it feels good - because dating yourself is good for your self!
Putting your best self forward starts with dating yourself. I know you're Jonesin' to head down that road of health and happiness. And in order to get that fix, you're going to have to be selfish. Stop sneering. Selfish isn't a dirty word. Being selfish means caring about yourself and giving back. Don't know where to start [har!]? Read on - I've got a short list that is long on selfish ways and means to a leaner you!
First order on the business of you: a reality check. Only you can change your life. Damn. You've got a lot of pull. When you make it all about you everything starts falling into place. Do you have a head full of stress/anger? Heart full of pain? Are your emotions getting the best of you? Anything keeping you from being the person you wanna be? This is a great time to be a wannabe! If your emotions are holding you back from being healthy and fit [mentally and physically], taking steps towards making strides in your life.
The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels owns the fact that therapy is a positive part of her life. Analyzing how our unconsious behaviors create our reality is key to a better "me." How do you see yourself? Describe yourself? Strong, energetic, happy and healthy? Or fat, lazy or weak? Good news: you can redefine your self image through fitness. Think about how much stronger you feel when you do your pushups or when you run that first mile. Whatever your exercise choice, being fit you BECOME powerful. Fitness makes you carry yourself differently. I have seen this in so many of my clients. Taking on something new in fitness, say a self-defense class or swimming lessons , can give you the bravado to take on the world.
Don't be afraid to get pushy with yourself! What exactly are you waiting for? You deserve to be healthy and happy, right? RIGHT! Of course you do! The eight contestants particpating in the KC Fit challenge seem to share a certain common thread: they were waiting for somethig to come along to give their tush a push! Now is their time and they are ready. MAYBE it's your time too? Just maybe. Yes, maybe. Here are some sure fire strategies to help!
Set your priorities. Sure, starting your day with an ooey, gooey cinnamon roll for breakfast, pizza for lunch and nachos for dinner (with a bottle of wine?) sounds divine. [You catch my drift?] Changing your cupboard stash changes your priorities. Prioritize your shopping and plan ahead. Maybe you don't love the gym or broccolli but you do love it when you feel strong, capable and confident! It's all worth the effort and you won't want to give that up! Like Jillian says, "To me it's not about building a better body it's about building a better life." If your health is your plaftform it's gotta be rock solid. If you want to take on the world you need a good foundation.
Push yourself! Don't be a victim or fall into self-destructive behaviors. Pull your big girl/boy panties up and get movin'! Fight for yourself if you need to. Cry if you've gotta. Scream if you wanna - (maybe into a pillow we don't wanna scare the neighbors. Whatever you need to get yourself a good kick in the pants. DO IT!
Love yourself. AHHHH finally back to getting to date yourself. You're pretty darned SNAZY! Look in the mirror and say that to your fierce self every day! Get yourself a massage. Enjoy your own company. Take a long bath and snuggle with your dog while watching your fav episode of Scrubs. Be good to you. YOU may be the best date you've ever gone on!
Last but not least give yourself permission to succeed. We are always judging ourselves and others. "Look at how fat my thighs are, I wish I had your legs/butt. Oh no you don't look at this muffin top! All of it mallarky! Stop putting yourself down and be selfish! Would you treat your loved ones the way you treat yourself? Would you pick them apart and tell them they're fat? GAWD I hope not! Would you deprive them of sleep or playtime? Of course not. Give yourself permission to kick ass! When you do it for yourself you're creating a change that will last a lifetime. It's your lifestyle. EMBRACE IT! Give yourself a hug while you're at it or maybe a little smooch. [that is, of course, if you kiss on the first date]. HAHA cheeeeeeesy but I couldn't resist.

GO BE AWESOME! (you have my permission)