Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!

Everybody was kung-fu fighting!

Those cats were fast as lightning!

Okay, so my music mojo is stuck in the 70's even though it's 2010 [YOWZERS]! But let me tell you, something that never goes retro is taking a long [ugh] lookey-loo in the mirror, rubbing our eyes, *blink blink* and finding it obnoxiously obvious that your arse would be better off in the gym - STAT! But, like always, I'm asking [don't make me beg, and don't even get me started on pleading] you to take a deeper look into your self . Try blurring your exterior and focusing on your interior - a fierce one! I'm talking about kicking and punching your way to a better YOU. So sit back, relax [just this once] and listen to the sweet sounds of that 70's hit that will soon have you dripping with AWESOME SAUCE!
No time to be a crouching tiger, hiding your inner dragon - 2010 is your year to take on something new! But with so many amazing classes and trainers to work with, how do you know what's best for you? My simple suggestion? Get out there and try! See what suits your inner badass! Maybe it's strength, yoga or a cyle class. Maybe you just like to stick with the traditional weights and cardio. There is no right, no wrong. Be your own buddah and find something that will bring balance to your life. But confucus say, there are classes that will enhance your training on many levels - not only in fitness but also state of mind: kickboxing, self-defense and bootcamps! These classes/training sessions can be done one-on-one or in a group setting. To gain some knowledge on this type of training I didn't have to go far to get the skinny [pun totally intended]. Jerry Gordey, a friend, personal trainer and instructor, has been involved in all aspects of training [ranging from power lifting, strength and conditioning to speed and athleticism] for 20-plus years.
Jerry got his kickboxing start in the military. From there he gained a love for jujitsu and started studying/training at various schools. What kept him coming back for more? The benefits of these classes: an incredible amount of stress relief and a great cardio workout times 10! Per Jerry, the self-defense classes involve a mixture of jujtu, muay thai, judo and wrestling. Jujutsu or Jiu-Jitsu, literally means the "art of softness", or "way of yielding", a collective name for Japanese martial art styles including unarmed and armed techniques. Jerry enjoys jujutsu because he says "it's like a game of mental/physical chess." Females have much to gain from this training because it teaches you how to defend yourself while lying on your back and in close quarters. Females can also learn techniques to overcome a males' strength by putting more of her muscle on less of his muscle - overcoming their defecit in strength. Muay Thai is referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs", as the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art. A practitioner of Muay Thai ("nak muay") can execute strikes using eight points of contact. Learning these techniques and applying them offers great discipline and a huge confidence high!
If you're looking for an all around total body fitness regimin [and a workout you can pronounce] bootcamp style workouts are the way to go! These workouts offer tons of variety and are a great addition to your current exercise program. Benefits? Try improving endurance, strengthening your core and gaining lean muscle. YAY - we all want that!
When asked what Jerry liked best about his self-defense classes he claimed, with enthusiasm, "I like to roll baby! You get the chance to meet new people and tackle new challenges literally. Most important these classes are FUN while improving your self confidence (making you not only look fierce, but BE FEIRCE)! "Most people fall in love with it and want to continue on. Also it's knowing that you could really make that difference in a person's life to be able to defend themself should they have to!"
The seed has been planted. Now it's up to you to cultivate a kickass workout! So get up [up] on the dance floor! Ok, maybe just get up off your couch - and sing it with me. Okay, at least hum it with me? Don't make me dork out solo.

All together now (chorus)

Everybody was Kung-fu fighting!

Those cats were fast as lightning!

In fact it was a little bit frightening,

But they fought with expert timing!


That could be you. Don't be afraid to be a bad ass!

K, GO!